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Free Legal Forms

Who wants to spend money when they don’t have to nowadays? Times are tough and we are all looking to pinch a penny. With more and more people looking to spend less these days, companies have learned to take advantage of that by catching the consumer’s eye with offers of free products. The legal services in particular have learned to take full advantage of this marketing scheme. With all the legal sites offering free legal forms, its no wonder consumers are a bit confused as to what they should do when it comes to solving a legal issue. Although we should benefit from free services as much as we can during this time, it is also important to weigh out the benefits against the risk that may be involved in indulging in free legal services. After all, there has to be lawyers around for a reason.

Free legal forms are easily accessible to us through the convenience of the internet. Simply typing in the words “free legal form” in the search engine will return multiple options offering free legal forms for various services. Some of the more popular sites that come up are,,, and Once you have accessed a site for free legal forms, you will find that there are many different types of free legal forms offered. Among these free legal forms are contracts, bills of sale, real estate, rental agreements, leases, notices and letters. As different jurisdictions have different guidelines that legal forms must follow in order to be valid in the jurisdiction, many of the free legal forms will ask you to click on the state of your residence. In some cases, there will be a generic free legal form that will appear instead of one specific to a state. You should never use a free legal form that is generic. Most of these forms will have a disclaimer at the bottom of them that state that the form may not be valid in your state and the facts of your particular situation may make these forms inappropriate for your use. They also state that the free legal document is strictly for informational purposes only and that you should always consult with an attorney before using free legal forms. These types of free legal forms are not uncommon. It is a popular method used by legal sites to get you to visit their website in the hopes that you might patronize their services. These free legal forms are just to “get your foot in the door” so to speak. Although most of these “free legal forms” are not actually free, there are still some free legal forms for more simple matters that can be used with a fair amount of confidence. Forms that do not exceed more than a few pages are usually pertaining to a legal matter that is not too complex in nature. For example, most free living will forms offered will be valid and are simple enough to fill out on your own. Other times though, be wary of any free legal form.

Everyone wants to save their money nowadays, but most would not be willing to, if it meant they had to jeopardize properly protecting their interests. Although the idea of a free legal form is a nice concept for many, sometimes it may be more cost efficient and effective to just cut your losses and hire an attorney. A free legal form is not worth losing sleep over.

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